Up & running!

Well, it took almost an entire day, but I finally have my linux (debian) box, including a fully functional Android SDK and Eclipse environment, up and running again. Can’t believe how much easier configuring X and compiz has become since, what, 2002? Yaiks, 12 years!?

For some reason compiling a new kernel gave me more trouble than expected. Apart from the fact that a single compile takes quite a bit of time, the 3.2 kernel (the one that ships with Ubuntu) wouldn’t boot. Not sure what the reason was. Backtracked and got 2.6.32 working, which enabled compilation of the NVIDIA kernel modules. Then tried 3.4.7 with the config file from quantal quetzal. This worked fine, but it turns out the NVIDIA drivers don’t agree with the new Nouveau driver (which I didn’t even know existed).

Btw, why does make dep-pkg create a package over 500MB big?? Seems rather excessive for a kernel image. Really should to see what the “old” way (make-kpkg) leads to, but let’s save that for tomorrow.

Anyway, after following the steps on this page I could also launch Android projects on my HTC Desire. Huzzah! Ow, and many thanks to Heiko Behrens for the emulator skins!

But off to bed now! Got a fresh day of programming ahead tomorrow!

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